Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eat of the Week

Greetings fellow Lexingtonians!

I've scoured the city in search of the best restaurants in town, and every week I'll be posting my top recommendations. From quick -n- cheap to fine dining, every restaurant in Lexington has a chance as long as it's delicious, unique, and worth your time.  Keep checking in for the best place to grab some grub!

This week: Bourbon n' Toulouse

If you live in Lexington and haven't stopped into BnT's for lunch or dinner, go today!  This eclectic Cajun restaurant is as close to Louisiana as you'll find around here.  Cheap dishes, piles of food, dozens of hot sauces, a variety of choices - this place has it all.  Make sure to arrive early, as many popular dishes tend to sell out.  The jambalaya is easily my favorite dish: just enough heat without being too spicy.  It's tough to beat an entire menu of delicious food for around $8.


  1. Jambalaya, eh? Nice choice of dish, that always tastes awesome.

  2. I'm kinda craving BnT now...Only been once but loved it!

  3. I don't live there, but I sure wish I did...